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Case statements and other compelling narratives

What makes your project different, important, relevant?  Why should donors support you?  We can help you develop answers to these questions through powerful campaign case statements and other development communications.

Interim and long-term program support

We offer support while your valued employee is away for a time or you are implementing a strategic plan but the staff requirements are yet unknown.

Board Training and Organization

Boards should be made up of individuals who are passionate about your mission and have an expertise that your organization needs.  Challenges can emerge from dominant personalities or unclear expectations.  We discuss organizational needs and best practices, and customize function where it is suitable.  A written report becomes a permanent document.  

Volunteer Coaching

Nonprofit organizations rely heavily on volunteers to do a myriad of tasks from sealing envelops to asking for money.  We are frequently asked to guide volunteers as fundraisers.  We help to create briefing documents and talking points, establish expected outcomes along with timing and reporting needs.  We accompany the volunteer solicitor when requested.

Feasibility studies, campaign planning

A feasibility study uses individual interviews with representative constituents to explore attitudes and interests toward the proposed goals. A final report includes details of the interviews that answer the question "Should we proceed?" and if so, under what circumstances.